our Mission

DTDS strives to be a competent and reliable one-stop solution provider to our partners in the Electronics industry by integrating technical and product expertise in all phases of their product development.

Our Existence is to create values and make a difference.

Corporate Profile

DTDS is a leading and mainstream Distribution Company in the field of Electronic Components. Incorporated in 2001 and headquartered in Singapore, it has a full-fledged office with sales, marketing, operations and finance team to support vendors in fulfilling their customer orders. DTDS specializes in the design and development of end solutions to support all Key Segments of Electronic Manufacturing Arena.

DTDS’ India electronics components distribution business is one of the fastest growing business and we are heading towards having one of the widest regional foot-print across India, the fastest growing electronics markets across the globe.

DTDS' proficiencies in distribution are efficient logistics and inventory management and excellent customers and vendors. Known for our impeccable credentials, we provide world class service with highest ethical standards and norms. Over the years, DTDS has formed strong partnerships with world reputed vendors to distribute and create a market for their products & solutions. Continuous effort to evolve our business under ever-changing market conditions, showing consistent growth, maximising benefits to our customers and vendors and willingness to embrace change and dynamism is the key to DTDS' continued success.